I usually skip cats, and jump to social networking, linger there for a while, and then refresh. I defy social norms, yet again. heh.

Image courtesy: Pleated Jeans

Please read and forward!

I came across this piece of news when someone posted it as a facebook link. I have no words to describe what I feel at the moment. Anger at the negligence of the MNC and the advertising agency, or remorse and sadness at the heinous tragedy faced by the family and children? Then again, maybe its shame and disgrace to see how vested interests of the bigshots can cause the media and the NGOs to turn a deaf ear towards this incident?

It's appalling and gutwrenching to say the least. Please read this, spread it to your blogs, twitter, facebook profiles, send emails, sms your friends in an effort to create awareness of the tragedy, and to bring justice to Saad's children and to Saad himself. May Allah rest his soul in peace.


I just did THIS over the weekend, and I am SO DAMN proud of myself! I finally have an extreme sport to my credit.. woohoooo!
The rush of adrenaline beats all fears.. DEFINITELY recommended!

T20 champs!

Thanks to the Pakistani cricket team for bringing joy to the nation in times of such turmoil. Despite the shaky start, the boys played very well throughout the tournament, surprising every Pakistani out there and making them feel proud of their country after a very very long time.

Like the skipper said, it was a gift to the nation indeed. =)

random funny

Reaching home sweet home after a long drive always seems to end up in a race for reaching the bathroom first, because of well, obvious bladder-related reasons. So today, we all reached home and while I thought I'd made it in a great timing to the bathroom door, I turned the knob to realize a sibling had actually beat me to it! It was like The Flash or something..

Anyway, out of an impulse and in an extremely irritable tone, I asked, 'Who's in there?!'

And in an EVEN irritable voice, my sister replied, 'Ummm.. KAREENA KAPOOR!'


btw, Atif Aslam's and Noori's performance from Coke Studio (S02E01) are rocking my world right now. Atif's Jal Pari just a wee bit more.

Broken strings

The last 4 months of my life have been more eventful than I'd like, and not in a particularly good way. And by the looks of it, it just gets tougher by the day. I can't remember the last time I felt overjoyed or excited. In a nutshell, and at the risk of sounding emo and self-sympathetic, I feel totally cheated and victimized. Nothing is how I expected it to be, nothing is how it was promised it would be. Life seems unfair at this point and I feel angry and sad at the same time. There are so many emotions and grudges inside me, storing into every inch of my body like evil grey matter, because I have no one to blame, not even myself.

Sometime I think maybe it was my fault to fight for something that'd let me down, and fall for the empty promises that spewed out in beautiful words and forced me to believe in a disney movie-like life. But how was I supposed to detect exaggerated truths and fantasies behind such convincing eyes?

Every bit of my perfectly perceived future life has crumbled and disappeared like it never existed. And I know it's not your fault. But every time I see your face, that's all I can think of. I can't even manage a forced half-smile around you.

I'm just not happy anymore.

epiphany # 239

I think I'm getting married into a family where they treat their own daughters like royalty, sometimes even at the expense of their daughters-in-law.


There's so much going on, yet I can't find the strength in myself to put it all together and see every little bit of my life gradually falling apart. So I won't ponder over that because it's all very very futile.

On a happier note, I find Mark Ballas from DWTS so INCREDIBLY cute. sigh.

These are my two favorite routines from this season.

of tarts and brownies...

Imagine going into a bakery. To make the situation a bit more challenging, this bakery's in a foreign country which you may never visit again. You and your friend stare at the different kinds of cakes, pastries and cookies and finally, you settle on the prettiest tart in the bakery, while your friend sticks to a plain old, almost boring, chocolate brownie. Except when you finally sit down and start eating, you realize your tart tastes like dog poo while your friend's brownie is to die for. You steal envious glances at that lovely mixture of baked flour, eggs, sugar and cocoa powder, wishing you had not experimented. Meanwhile you pretend to be delighted by your choice and console yourself by thinking, 'hey, atleast it looks good!'

Such are life's choices. Where every decision we make is like choosing a pastry in a bakery. Where every time we reach a decision, we feel eternally fulfilled. However, sticking by a decision may not always be easy. When we put things in perspective, we wish we had chosen the boring chocolate brownie. Usually in life, akin to playing Who wants to be a Millionaire, the choices once made are irreversible. That being said, it's human to err and to feel remorse. However, we seldom admit our mistakes and we block out regrets from our lives. During the course, we fail to realize that remorse arises from the inability of a person or a thing to meet our expectations. And as we block out our regrets, we start making compromises, as an escalation of commitment to offset poor decisions. We lie to ourselves to make ourselves feel better. We pretend to be happy to show the world how right we were.

And before we know it, our lives become a compromise and all we are left with is a beautiful tart, which in reality of it all, tastes like absolute crap.

I am SO jealous. =(